This is a hot topic. Two reasons, one from us, one from you, the players.
From us: small developers risk a lot because they bet on few projects. Fail those few and they are out of business. Big ones can distribute the risk on many projects. A simple, yet dangerous, truth.

We are betting on Heroes of Normandie.
This brings to you, the players. Many of you want to know about our future because they know that DevilPig are bringing more and more games and expansion on the market; and they obviously want to know if they are going to see those products on the electronic medium too.

Ah, many of you ask for different platforms, like tablets.
So future is a big issue here.

Let’s come completely clean about this.
We, us and you, are on the same freakin’ boat! What I mean here is that we can’t literally wait to begin working on everything DevilPig is releasing. While writing this I have a big table few metres away on which I have the base game with all the army boxes together with the gazettes expansions, Carentan and Saint Maire Eglise. Me and Simone had a couple of match with these new toys a few days ago to let some steam off (releasing games is a pretty dramatic affaire) and we had a blast.
So, on top of the tension of the first release, we have this incredible push to bring you guys new expansions and features.

Now, let’s stay focused. Next things you are going to see implemented for sure in the game is the Editor at the end of October, and this is going to blow your mind guys.
The editor will give you basically all the tools to create any mission you want. I used a rough version to create all the missions you have in the game and you will be able to do the same.
Then it is going to be a cascade of novelties that are still to be decided as for the date to be released on: cards, transport rules, iPad version. And then the expansions. And we have our eyes on Shadows over Normandie too!

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