Welcome to our first post!
At CatRabbit we are utterly dedicated to quality and customer… no, wait, this is not that kind of post! Because, hey, we are not that kind of company…

CatRabbit is actually five guys; passionate about videogames and crazy enough to banzai their way into this very competitive sector. We are one part indie, one part boardgame geeks and last part strategy fanatics. Stir it (don’t shake it) and you have us, in Italian sauce of course.

Heroes of Normandie is our first game (and hopefully not last). There is a story here and I will try to make it the less boring I can.
Simone, the actual founder, have always wanted to produce a videogame. He’s a coder, and a gamer. He spent his latest years wandering fairs and looking for the right occasion. Then he stumbled upon the fine fellas at DevilPig, got in love with their game and hurried to get exclusive right for the videogame version and a publishing deal with other fine fellas beyond the Channel, Slitherine. He did this his style, which is running as hell, being very pragmatic and chain smoking a lot during the trip. He’s the team’s “tank” character.

Then he proceeded assembling the team.
He got hold of an ingenious AI coder, Roberto. He’s the team wizard. You ask him things, he gets them done. End of story. Damn, the AI in Heroes of Normandie can be so smart that I can describe them as his private army he summoned from thin air…isn’t that something straight out from D&D Raistlin’s magic tomes?
Second in line is our artist, FBS (yes it’s an acronym, and yes we actually call him “FBS”). He finishes every game he plays and he goes the extra mile completing all possible achievements; this has taken a hefty toll on his mental sanity but his artistic skill are somewhat intact. FBS we love you, you are our berzerking barbarian.
Then there is me, Davide. You can picture me as the bard as I make (up) stories. This entails designing levels and writing in crooked English (with lot of proofreading needed); I do content, in a nutshell. Always wanted to do this for a living, so I better give this my best shot.
Last we a have a newly arrived coder. Being fresh and not having battles on record, he’s a nameless grunt and will remain in this state until he will prove himself! Then you will read his tales of valor in this blog!

And that’s all of us. But hey, despite our flaws we are top of the crop professionals (yes we are talking to you, eager contractor looking for a capable development team!).

But we would work on thin air wouldn’t it be for DevilPig and their game, Heroes of Normandie.
And what a game it is.
HON is literally THE light strategy boardgame. Yann and Clem designed it with a clear objective in mind: create a modular system that could mime any Hollywood war-movie situation. And it succeeds at it.
Playing the boardgame you will find, first, a basic layer: rules for ordering units on the battlefield, moving, shooting, and achieving objectives.
Then you have abilities, for every unit, but especially for heroes. These are the spice of the game (like it was for Hollywood ’70 war movies) and using them in the right situation (which you help create) is the whole idea of fun in Heroes of Normandie. Special weapons, equipment and gadgets expand this vision even further.

You play this game and you are back in your childhood, but armed with a complete toolset to re-create your fantasies and the movies you watched on TV. I did this all my childhood with plastic soldiers, in every nook of the house that could became a canyon, a road in Normandie, a castle full of Nazis… of course stories came straight from the culture I was imbued with, and, being 40 now, it meant TV, and it meant Hollywood.

A game like this was a dream back then, and thinking that we have now the opportunity to get back those memories and let everybody play around with them is something that truly inspires us.

See you on the battlefield guys!

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